Shawn Wasabi


Shawn Wasabi is a 20 year old producer from Salinas, CA. His background in classical piano has helped him gain an enviable Internet reputation as one of the hottest young controllerists around.

Using a Midi Fighter custom built for him by DJ TechTools in San Fransisco (which looks like the offspring of a sweet night of love between a sampler and an arcade game), Wasabi conjures startling arrangements of sound into life, mashing up samples from a bewildering amount of sources.

Although he’s been posting songs to YouTube for a while (including last year’s brilliant Hotto Dogu), it’s the song below that’s really got netizens of a certain stripe hot under the collar, including me.

Watching the video is like being slapped in the face by the future, a candy-coloured back-hand that smells of Japan despite coming from California. It’s an intensely 21st century conflagration of arcade gaming, classical virtuosity, EDM and J-pop, like musique concrete tripping balls in Shinjuku.

It’s sublime, and I can’t wait to hear more from him soon!


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